Kensington Community Center

Kensington, CA

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The Kensington Community Center is a much-used and much-loved community resource.  But the building is seismically deficient and in need of numerous functional and ADA upgrades.  Glass Associates has been commissioned by the Kensington Police Protection Community Service District to remedy structural and access deficiencies and improve the general appearance and functionality of the building.  
The building was constructed in 1956 and remodeled and expanded in 1988.  The building was initially constructed to serve the needs of Kensington’s youth.  Over the years the building’s purpose evolved to include more adult uses, such as yoga, painting classes, and an occasional venue for private parties.  However, the majority of uses continue to have a youth focus (scouts/gymnastics/after school programs).  The building’s total area of 4,500 square feet includes a main Meeting Hall of 1,800 square fee, three additional meeting rooms, a kitchen and support areas. 
The project scope includes alterations to remedy seismic resistance and ADA deficiencies, as well as modifications to improve the general appearance and function of the building and site.  Among these are a new catering kitchen, path-of-travel ADA improvements, and a new southwest wall for the main Meeting Hall and entry canopy that will provide an indoor/outdoor feel by incorporating folding doors and windows that will open the entire wall of the room to the lawn and outdoor meeting spaces.  These improvements will also provide an easily identifiable “front door” to the facility.
The project has just completed the Design stage and will commence Construction Documents in Winter, 2018.  Construction is expected to begin in Summer, 2018.